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If only you could put a protective suit on your child.

Like an Astronaut suit.

To safeguard them from the dangerous foods that may be life threatening.

This is the inspiration behind Bootnaut Kids Allergy T.Shirt.

Sewing on to my son’s favourite T.Shirt a warning of his Food Allergy helped protect him.

Helped him feel more confident.

I am in no doubt it added that extra protection, vigilance and support when outside the home.

At parties, school events, after school activities; most social events involve food somewhere.

Wanting our son to not be excluded and to go out and enjoy life.

To put on boots and his ‘Happy Armour’ T.Shirt and have fun.

Whilst those around him were made aware or reminded of his Food Allergy.

It has taken a lot of creative hours, fun and a huge amount of hard work and perseverance to get our Allergy Awareness T.Shirts out.

With no compromises to quality and design.

Inspired by colours in nature.

Using 100 % organic ring-spun cotton.

Made in England to keep carbon footprint to a minimum.

When our T.Shirt faced numerous hurdles along the way.

Believe me there were so many.

It made me even more determined to achieve my goal.

Every day we are reminded, however big or small, of the challenges my son has to navigate.

THE ROCKY ROAD is our blog.

Treading carefully but happily through life with an allergy.

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