kids allergy t-shirt

Shadows? Whose Shadows?

Whatever shall we do?

Think of the happiest things.

Come and play where dreams are born.

Feel the joy ice cream brings. A refreshing treat. Endless amounts of flavours.

Make it yourself and you can indulge in scrumptious creations.

We have discovered strawberries and honeycomb, cinnamon swirl, lavender, blackberry and honey and gooseberries and custard. To name but a few of our homemade special delights.

Our favourite ice cream tub to buy and indulge in is YORICA. Free from all 14 major Allergens.

The whole family love it!

For those with food allergies, ice cream can be a difficult option. Especially if it is served impromptu.

Making it in advance and having a delicious supply in the freezer helps these moments.

However, if out on an adventure and there is a fancy for an ice cream, someone with food allergies may have to miss out.

Even when the ice cream has no ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction. Food is only as safe as the environment that it is made in.

And this is the tricky bit!

Erring on the side of caution, usually means a child is disappointed.

If you can’t go to the ice cream vendor, you can bring them to you.

One way we make special memories is to decorate our shed and invite friends over to join us for an ice cream. For no other reason than to have an awfully big adventure in the garden.

Bring out the ice cream!

Tempting, delicious and seasonal if homemade or simply dig into the freezer for a hidden tub.

Serve it in so many ways. Decorate your cone, pile up your cup and garnish your ice cream sundae to be as extravagant and pretty as you wish.

Sprigs of mint sticking out of the choc mint ice cream mound, is one of our fancies.

Or just keep it plain and simple with a dollop of clotted cream.

The best part is you can save what doesn’t get eaten for another time.

Fun when it starts to melt.

Ice cream always provides plenty of happy smiles and giggles.


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